Top troubleshooting tips for your retail estate

Posted by Momentum Instore on 13 September 2017

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Out-dated or tatty in-store displays? Poor punctuation or grammar gaffes on your POS?

Retailers spend big bucks on in-store displays and celebrity-endorsed advertising campaigns.

When done well, printed POS is an effective way to highlight products and promotions in-store. But sometimes things do go wrong.

Spelling and grammar mistakes and incorrect pricing can leave retailers red-faced, especially when customers take to social media to share these big blunders.

So we’ve compiled our top troubleshooting tips to help you solve some of the most common instore problems experienced by retailers.

Broken displays?

A broken light on a backlit display or a digital video display that isn’t working will look very unattractive, leaving a really negative impression on your customers and could ultimately turn them away.

Every customer arrives at a store with an impression of your brand and your store from what they have seen on TV or heard about from friends and family. If they turn up and are disappointed by how the store is presented or by broken or damaged displays, they are unlikely to stick around and will often share their experience with friends and family as well as on social media.
  • Make it an absolute priority to repair or replace damaged displays and POS as soon as possible. Having a reliable and trustworthy maintenance team in place will ensure these things can be dealt with fast and efficiently so that your customers don’t turn around and walk away.

Spelling mistakes?

No matter how many times you proof read something, sometimes mistakes, which you’re convinced weren’t there before, become glaringly obvious as soon as your shiny new POS display is in place and unveiled.

Just look at what happened to Asda recently with the launch of their new store on the Isle of Wight – the printed carrier bags all said ‘Isle of White’!
  • Don’t leave mistakes to fester and hope that no one will notice. The Asda gaffe hit the headlines and was trending on social media before the new store was even launched.
You can certainly rack up costs from the materials used and the extra time taken when you get things wrong but this is nothing compared to the ridicule experienced and the loss of your customer’s confidence.
  • Consider moving to digital POS displays. They are growing increasingly popular. Despite the initial investment, retailers have no follow-up costs and can constantly change the information displayed at the touch of a button. This has the considerable advantage of being able to correct any mistakes but also enables retailers to keep their displays current and topical.

Declining customer numbers?

Take a step back and have a long hard look at your retail estate. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself a few basic questions.

What is your overriding first impression? What type of person will find it appealing? Is it who you want to attract?

What about your competitors? How are they attracting customers and keeping their stores fresh? How do they ‘speak’ to their customers?
  • Make sure you constantly evaluate and review the appearance of your stores from your customer’s perspective.
The retail sector is highly competitive and bricks and mortar retailers need to continually develop new and eye-catching ways to maintain their competitive edge in the modern world of e-commerce.
  • A store survey will help you to work through and explore any potential problems before they arise. Surveys also enable you to test ideas and iron out and issues at the earliest opportunity.

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